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SGD Springs

Top Bracket Support 14 Gauge

Top Bracket Support 14 Gauge

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Introducing our Galvanized Steel Bracket, crafted with 1/18-inch steel, designed to accommodate a 0.43-inch shaft. It features mounting holes centered vertically at 4-3/4 inches and is suitable for 7/16-inch diameter stem rollers. Elevate your garage door system with this durable and reliable bracket.

The bracket is made of galvanized steel.
1/18 in steel for 0.43 in shaft.
Montain holes on 4-3/4" center (vertically)
for 7/16" diam stem roller.


Springs with an impressive 12,000 cycle minimum lifecycle rating ensure industry-leading durability and long-lasting performance. Make sure you get the perfect spring for your situation – choose from our selection of Left and Right Hand Wound Springs! The arrival of spring is made even easier with winding and stationary cones that are pre-installed. The marking system also ensures easy identification, being stenciled and color coded for your convenience! Enjoy both resilience and flexibility with our special coating of oil tempered wire, designed to withstand the toughest conditions. With its strong yet pliable property, this tough material is perfect for any application!


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